Mergers and the Important Principles to Remember

Within the corporate and finance industry, mergers play a very essential role. This is the process where an establishment is purchased along with the specific objective on why two or more companies will be merged. This includes a change in name, a significant change with regard to the board of employees, directories and even the primary objective of the company.

Most of the time, a merger and acquisition happen whenever a larger company decides to buy a part of the business for a particular amount, where both parties can benefit from it. There are certain situations where a company has the capability to produce the products but do not have the resources to market their brand, while the other has the capability to market the brand yet cannot come up with the perfect product that most consumers will like.

In short, it is like a combination of two companies where their objectives will be joined as well, creating a new one. Mergers also involve talking about the shares or the stocks of the company – and the amount may generally vary depending on what you have agreed upon. Although merging with another company sounds like a really nice idea, there are different principles that must be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, when it comes to mergers, especially if you are the company being offered to merge with (this means another establishment will pay you), you have to greatly consider the proposal.

Carefully review the proposal and see whether the terms and objectives are acceptable on your end. No merger will happen if you do not agree with it – so expect that there will be a lot of negotiations, proposals may get revised every now and then just to cope up with your demands and at the same time, still benefit from it as well.

The primary reason for mergers is money. Even though one company is willing to spend thousands and even millions of dollars on this particular process, these people may already have studied the market and have seen the things that you can do to contribute to their company. On the other hand, they may also have seen some lacking aspects of your business which they have – which will make it a perfect merge between two or more companies. There are some acquisitions and you may also notice a merger with a duration or time frame, while some others do not. Generally speaking, it depends on the type of agreement that you have signed, and it also depends on the goals and objectives that both parties have in mind.

Before you even consider mergers, also try to think whether they could gain advantage over your company, or whether two parties will equally benefit from it. Try to conceptualize the different things that can change while this process has been agreed upon. This means new management, new people, new strategies and many other things that you have to deal with.

It is best that you consult a legal professional so that you can be given proper advice as to whether the merger will be a great step towards the success of your business.


05 November 2012