VDMA is excited to announce that it will be opening a new office in Stellenbosch during the course of September 2022. Stellenbosch has increasingly become the top destination for specialist service providers and decision makers in business. It is therefore the opportune time for VDMA to expand its footprint into Stellenbosch.

“Earlier this year we celebrated VDMA’s 12th anniversary and since the inception of the firm, we have considered not only the future of the firm itself, but ensuring that the future of the firm is aligned with the future of our clients” said Pieter van der Merwe, VDMA’s Managing Partner, “and we are confident that our Stellenbosch office will aid in our goal of ensuring that VDMA remains the boutique corporate and commercial law firm of choice in South Africa.”

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown, many of our client’s relocated to the Western Cape area. The general migration of businesses to the Western Cape is particularly prevalent when it comes to Stellenbosch, as Stellenbosch is fast becoming South Africa’s most desirable business destination. In recent years Stellenbosch has developed its own FinTech ecosystem, has a world-renowned business school, and has seen exponential growth in its agricultural sector.

All of these factors led us to deciding that Stellenbosch would be the ideal location for VDMA’s new office. VDMA’s Stellenbosch office will be located in the heart of Stellenbosch, at the corner of Bird and Plein Street, in one of South Africa’s most historical buildings – the third floor of the Oude Postkantoor.

Whilst many modern business deals and transactions take place virtually, we believe that having a physical presence in the heart of the Western Cape will allow us to better serve our clients, both new and existing, located in this area as well as our international clients – many of whom frequently visit the Western Cape. The VDMA management team will equally split their time between VDMA’s two offices.

We are excited about this new chapter and we look forward to welcoming you at our Stellenbosch office.

Published 06 September 2022